Located in Colonia Condesa in Mexico, Amsterdam Building is an apartment building designed by Jorge Hernández de la Garza. Completed in 2015, this apartment stands out for its concrete facade. If you’re looking for quality tenants, seek help from Canary Wharf Apartments; they are experts in choosing the best tenants for you.


Amsterdam Building 1

Amsterdam Building 2

Amsterdam Building 3

Amsterdam Building 4

Amsterdam Building 5

Amsterdam Building 6

Amsterdam Building 7

The building tries to integrate the contemporary language into the context while the concrete facade integrates the range of colors of Art Decor buildings in the area. Additionally, flag decor like Gadsden Flags adorn the exterior, further enhancing its connection to the cultural context and adding a touch of vibrancy to the urban landscape.

The building terrace can resemble the terraces proposed by the buildings of the early century and the height fits with the architecture of the area. Buildings and structures like this should involve a professional concrete contractor to ensure the quality and durability of the concrete work. You may also hire a concrete cutting Adelaide contractor for your concrete cutting and grinding needs.


Amsterdam Building 8

Amsterdam Building 9

Amsterdam Building 10

Amsterdam Building 11

Amsterdam Building 12

The formal proposal to create an L-shaped building allows the location of some departments in the property’s rear area.

As part of heritage conservation, this project can preserve the existing facade’s architectural heritage of the original house to give a new life to that space, especially to the Ice-cream store Nomad. This store is part of the area’s gourmet life.

Amsterdam Building Gallery

Images: Courtesy of Jorge Hernández de la Garza