Barn House: A New House with All the Special Qualities of A Barn

The brief of Barn House is to create a living space for a family with all the textural and special qualities of a barn. It is a new house project completed by Clayton Orszaczky in 2015.


Barn House 1

Barn House 2

Barn House 3

Barn House 4

Barn House 5

The structure is expressed by the simple large forms and volumes. These forms and volumes are the main characters of the house. All the textural and special qualities of a barn are incorporated into this house.



Barn House 6

Barn House 7

Barn House 8

Barn House 9

Barn House 10

Each space in this house is connected to each other vertically through voids and horizontally through clear openings toward a garden.

It is a house that has a Japanese-inspired garden designed by William Dangar. This garden becomes an outdoor entertainment area of the house.


Barn House Gallery

Interior Design: Alwill Interiors

Structural Engineer: Sda Consulting Engineers

Hydraulic Engineer: Aky Civil Engineering

Builder: Robert Plumb Project

Landscape: William Dangar & Associates

Photography: Murray Fredericks, Prue Ruscoe