Designed as a modern house, Bangkae House is a residential project located in Bangkok. Inside, there are spacious living spaces that can accommodate a large family and visiting relatives. This project is completed by Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated in 2020.


Bangkae House 34

Bangkae House 35

Bangkae House 36

Bangkae House 37

Bangkae House 28

Bangkae House 29

Bangkae House 30

Bangkae House 31

Bangkae House 32

The site area of this project is 429 sqm, a housing estate on the west side of Bangkok. The housing estate project around Bangkae House offers typical pre-designed homes only without any options for being a living place in an emerging market country. But now, this assumption has become ambiguous or obsolescence in some ways.



Bangkae House 33

Bangkae House 22

Bangkae House 23

Bangkae House 24

Bangkae House 25

Bangkae House 26

Bangkae House 27






Bangkae House 16

Bangkae House 17

Bangkae House 18

Bangkae House 19

Bangkae House 20

Bangkae House 21

Bangkae House 10

This house is considered a medium-sized house with four bedrooms.

There are three main bedrooms and a praying room on the upper floor. The praying room is placed at the center according to the Buddhist way, dividing space into two sides. One bedroom on the ground floor is for an elderly mother. A stairlift can be installed starting with stairlift safety markings.


Bangkae House 11

Bangkae House 12

Bangkae House 13

Bangkae House 14

Bangkae House 15

Bangkae House 5

Bangkae House 6

A space of sharing contains a pantry and a dining room. These rooms are connected by the main staircase. A living room is pushed to the front concern of the space, a cozy room to receive guests. Without a ceiling board, vertical open space can be created in this room.

A parking space is important for this house, especially to avoid any disputes between neighbors. A laundry space, a washing area, a Thai kitchen, and a maid’s room are all set to the back.



Bangkae House 7

Bangkae House 8

Bangkae House 9

Bangkae House 1

Bangkae House 2

Bangkae House 3

Bangkae House 4

There is a court at the center of the house that can create interaction between rooms and between family members. This court is used for sharing visibility, lighting, and ventilation as well. The lighting was installed by experts such as these residential electrical services in Manalapan, NJ. It is a family house with an awesome design that can increase communication between family members.

Contemporary methods and materials are used to construct the external feature of this house. Sliding panels of wooden battens act as an external curtain to control visibility while half of the roofing is lifted for visual diversity. The top part of the roof can create unexpected utilities and new proportions for this house. If you want a residential roofing like this, you can contact residential and commercial roofers that do roof replacement in Deer Park, TX.

On one side, this house sits adjacent to the housing estate project’s clubhouse. On the other side, this house faces some open spaces.


Bangkae House Gallery

Photographer: Chalermwat Wongchompoo | Sofography