AIM Architecture and Norm Architects worked together to complete a 2018 project called K House. It is an exclusive villa resort located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It has a strong connection to the surrounding nature thanks to its architecture.


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Surrounded by lush greenery, this villa resort is a secluded beachfront property that has stunning views. The architecture of the building blends into the surrounding nature effortlessly with natural materials, soft transitions, and large openings. If you want to design your property like this, Laura Redd Interiors is an interior designer Greensboro.


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There are two individual buildings in this villa resort: a west house and an east house. The west house is tucked away, providing a sheltered feel. The east house is on the top of a hilly part of the site, opening up to the sea. Like that one on Chania hotels.

A brand new Concrete Driveway Installation leads towards the two buildings, which form an L-shape, framing the pool area and garden. Blending into the landscape of the site effortlessly, the barn-like structure encloses the outdoor common areas and frames the view toward the sea. Contact a landcaping company Greensboro if you also need to build a visually-appealing garden.


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Natural materials are used for this project’s architecture such as local granite stone, polished cement, polished terrazzo, and local teak wood. Polished cement is used for the facades while local granite stone beauties the outdoor areas.

The house’s tactile feel and awesome natural look come from the recycled terracotta tiles from a local tile dealer.

There are porches, outdoor living, and dining spaces that offer an additional entertaining area to enjoy the surrounding nature, which were bought from stores like California Backyard. The garden can be accessed through the large sliding doors while the wooden shutters can help to avoid glazed openings as long as they are treated by local experts like terminix in arizona to avoid termites and carpenter ants. These upgrades were incredibly done by the professionals we’ve hired recently, you can get more info here.

According to roof installation experts, the roofs of the two buildings cover both indoor or indoor spaces from sun and rain.


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The east house has common areas that open up towards each other. Those areas are spacious and bright. The west house has a more intimate and enclosed feel in its living and dining rooms.

The rooms have minimal decor and interiors, which may include pieces like those vintage rugs, providing a cozy space to relax. The bathrooms open up to the private courtyards. One can feel the luxurious feeling of being in nature when showering in those bathrooms.


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The headboards and the inbuilt sofa are bespoke furniture chosen for this retreat. The sofa is placed in the luxurious lounge area while the headboards function as seating and table tops.

Other locally sourced antique furniture and accessories are combined with those modern bespoke pieces by Copper & Tweed Furniture to create a familiar and native atmosphere inside the property. Check out this custom furniture maker in Calgary if you need custom furniture.

K House Gallery

Photography: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Noah Sheldon