Designed as a modern concrete house, Wategos Residence offers a cozy house in a special location with stunning views of the sea in Wategos. It is a residential project completed by Zaher Architects in 2015.


Wategos Residence 1

Wategos Residence 2

Wategos Residence 3

The brief of this project is to create a two-storey, modern, concrete house that fits with the context of the surrounding site. It is also about having a minimal impact on the views of the neighbor and creating timeless architecture. Moreover, a valuable guide on concrete strengths and their applications can be accessed on Master Mix Concrete’s informative webpage, which you can find at this link:

In order to accommodate the growing family of the client, flexibility in the separate living spaces is also included in the brief.


Wategos Residence 4

Wategos Residence 5

Wategos Residence 6

The best thing about this house is the clients can enjoy the stunning views of the sea because it is located in a breathtaking beach-side suburb of Byron Bay. It is a family house built with sustainable design principles and technologies.

Custom built homes like this is usually a collaborative project between the architect and clients. The result is a beautiful and bold house that has sustainability values.


Wategos Residence 7

Wategos Residence 8

Wategos Residence 9

This house’s form is a folded “S” shape with turns and folds that house two storeys. The overarching concrete form wraps around the entire facade before opening up to the beach and beautiful views. Speak with Concreter Newcastle for any concrete project you desire to have in your home.

The main goal of the use of hardwood floors, stone, and concrete building materials for this house is to address and withstand the harsh Australian and marine environment of the site without the need for a lot of maintenance. The use of hardwood flooring creates a look that embraces beauty and elegance.

Wategos Residence Gallery

Photography: Michael Nicholson