Bollinger B2 is the world’s most capable pickup truck from Bollinger Motors, a big brother of the B1. It has the same everything inside and out except its long bed mullet haircut. It is a badass electric truck that can carry 16-foot cargo and rear seats out to transport a hefty stack.

With the same development and research of B1, adding a pickup truck bed to Bollinger B2 is very easy. It also has 614 horsepower, 668 FT-LB torque, 7.500 lb towing capacity, 5.000 lb payload, 200-mile range of EPA, 72 inches of bed length, 96 inches of expandable bed, and 14 CU FT frunk.

The body of Bollinger B2 is all made of aluminum with dual motor, one front, and rear. The features of this electric truck also include removable windshield, air conditioning, optional heated seats, removable, Bluetooth technology, flip-up rear window, flip-down rear cabin wall, and some audio specs to come.

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