Designed by Estudio PKa in 2018, C House is located in the Costa Esmeralda neighborhood, Argentina. It is a weekend home with different light-collecting courtyards that can articulate the spaces. A path passing through a conifer forest is also created to give the house a new life.


C House 1

C House 2

C House 3

On one floor, the central courtyard divides this house into two volumes: a volume for private use and a volume for public use. The connection with the green from the bedrooms without loosing privacy can be achieved thanks to the second courtyard.

The main access to this house is generated from the central courtyard with original pine trees. This courtyard also distributes to all environments and allows contact with nature.



C House 4

C House 5

C House 6

A perimeter wall of stone on the ground floor consists of a thick concrete slab. On this wall, the bearing walls support the house’s large roof that acts as a perforated mantle. The courtyards and these perforations allow the light enters the house to generate a play of light and shadows.

The private area in this house has visuals to the most intimate courtyard and towards the central courtyard. This intimate courtyard has a wooden enclosure that can generate a rhythm of lights. The public area of the house is located in the entire context of the forest.

A30 DVH aluminum windows are used due to the house’s proximity to the sea. These windows also can protect the interior from the environment.



C House 7

C House 8

C House 9

The work of this weekend home is always in contact with the vegetation through different courtyards. The surrounding forest is aimed to be experienced in different ways, generating different situations between the private and public spaces o the house.

Finding a different way of seeing the house from the forest path is the biggest challenge in this project. Nature and vegetation inside the house are prioritized, especially to obtain a fluid interior-exterior relationship and generate courtyards of different scales.


C House 10

C House 11

C House 12

Solving a simple yet special program is also another challenge in this project since one of the client’s exclusive requests is that the floor plan of the house would be executed on the ground floor entirely with a full view sight of the forest.

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C House Gallery

Photographer: Alejandro Peral