Designed by PAZ Arquitectura, Casa Luz is a 2017 project located in a condo in Guatemala City. The construction year of this big house started in 2018 and finished in 2010. This house has a sober and straightforward architecture that makes it looks amazing. If you are looking for inspiration for architectural designs, check these architectural signage companies. You may also consider consulting licensed architects like these student life architects.


Casa Luz 1

Casa Luz 2

Casa Luz 3

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Casa Luz 5

This house can create an identity and a direct relation with its surrounding natural environment. The structural design of this house is changed into structural masonry with the help of a masonry contractor and the frame structure concrete beams were installed by an experienced foundation repair contractor.

The design work of this house is done with the intent to highlight the local construction methods and materials and to emphasize the structural elements. Fine timber formwork is used to leave a permanent imprint on the exposed concrete.



Casa Luz 6

Casa Luz 7

Casa Luz 8

Casa Luz 9

The aim of the window frames and roller Shutters WA design is to explore more opportunities to aperture the house’s spaces as possible. Outside, the existing vegetation is preserved so one can have a visual relationship by opening the windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows are used to create full openings in the room so the room can be used as a balcony, and they have second glazing from so they are more resistant.




Casa Luz 10

Casa Luz 11

Casa Luz 12

Casa Luz 13

Casa Luz 14

This big house is beautified in white, especially on its walls and slabs to spread more natural light. Wood, tempered glass, and exposed concrete are the main materials used for this house construction while natural colors can create an awesome look of a sober and straightforward architecture.


Casa Luz Gallery

Photographer: Andres Asturias