The future of racing can be found in CUPRA e-Racer. It is the world’s first-ever 100% electric racing car where technology and connectivity meet. This vehicle has 680 HP up to 500kW peak power with 10 seconds maintenance only. Designed with an engine that can reach 12,000 revolutions using a single reduction.

CUPRA e-Racer is the real racing car with 4 engines, 6,072 batteries that recharge in 40 minutes, 270 km/h of speed, and environmentally friendly. It is also designed with a simpler electric engine with less and efficient maintenance. The kinetic energy comes from the recovered engine power in the braking and also deceleration phases.

The new concept of a racing car in CUPRA e-Racer can deliver a new driving experience. This racing car offers swapped rear-view mirrors for the mini camera to see what’s going on around. Only with a central touch screen, the driver allows to transfer and monitor the electric system data and the car’s performance in a real-time.

CUPRA E Racer 1

CUPRA E Racer 2

CUPRA E Racer 3

CUPRA E Racer 4