Zero Labs comes with a combination of clean energy future and soul of the past named Electric Classic Ford Bronco. These are premium classic electric vehicles powered by a covert all-electric drive system. The design is refinement, superior luxury, environment-friendly, and also low maintenance. Electric Classic Ford Bronco is also handcrafted and restored in order to show ta car quality seamlessly.

The first edition Electric Classic Ford Bronco is only available in 150 for reservation. It is made from more than 150 original parts, upgradable, advanced engineering, 100{26ff247e850d90499b6cffd542c7906ca347898d16dade06b267bc2161f859a3} electric with a lot of details, and designed with premium materials only. The timeless classic design of this vehicle can create a stylish look whenever and wherever the driver goes.

The battery is 70 kWh with 190 miles of the range, 330 kW of the peak power, 440 horsepower, 11,000 of the Max RPM, and leve2 of charging. With part or full-0time 4WD, atlas 2 (2-speed) transfer case, and also the 5-speed manual transmission, Electric Classic Ford Bronco is made to give a full fun with full control.