As the world’s first Italian street-legal electric motorcycle, Energica EGO offers a high racing performance without any emissions. It is a synchronous oil-cooled motor with permanent magnets, 107kW (145 hp of instantaneous power, and a torque of 144 ft lb. At the top speed, this motorcycle can reach 150 mph with vigorous thrust and easy to be recharged in the outdoor charging stations or at home.

All controllers in Energica EGO such as the battery, inverter, charger, and ABS are managed and monitored constantly by the sophisticated Vehicle Control Unit. This motorcycle doesn’t have a clutch or a gearbox. All things in this vehicle are regulated only by the ride-by-wire system for full control. There is also a coasting feature with a “neutral” position between regeneration and acceleration.

Energica EGO also has a “PARK ASSISTANT” to facilitate parking and maneuvers. The braking system is Bosch, by Brembo and the ABS system, the latest generation of ABS BOSCH on Energica Ego. The digital dashboard from COBO TFT in this motorcycle comes with color display and an active matrix of 4.3 inches. With the Bluetooth connectivity and UMTS long-range technology, the rider can connect this vehicle to a smartphone or tablet via the internet.

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