In recent years true wireless Bluetooth headsets have become the mainstream of the headset market. And the growing market is getting more competitor as HiFi brand FiiO officially released a flagship dynamic headset, FD5.

Fiio Fd5 5



FD5 adopts braided bright silver thread and elegant and gorgeous style. There is a sense of fashion that is not too public but can not be ignored. The two headphone heads are ear-mounted.

FiiO FD5 dynamic headphones use a diamond-like dome with a beryllium-plated diaphragm, a front cavity acoustic prism device, and a semi-open back cavity, and a replaceable mouthpiece design.

Fiio Fd5 3

The original wiring material uses eight-strand silver-plated wire or pure silver wire, and the interface is a 4.4mm balanced socket, which is also made of stainless steel and printed with a black signature.

Many have claimed that the design of FiiO’s FD5 headset is similar to Sony‘s flagship in-ear headset, IER-Z1R. The difference is that the IER-Z1R uses a two moving coil + 1 moving iron hybrid drive unit. Meanwhile, the shell is made of zirconium alloy, and the volume is more extensive.

Fiio Fd5 1



The FD5 advertises the use of N52 high magnetic flux external magnetic structure and 12mm full frequency large moving coil monomer.

The company claims that it can make sound conduction and internal damping. Furthermore, the technology helps FiiO FD5 achieve a balance and improve the sound efficiency of the high-frequency range and high-frequency harmonic distortion.

Fiio Fd5 7

FiiO FD5 also adopts an MMCX interchangeable connector and matches the eight-strand high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated wire to reduce distortion and improve sound purity.


Price and Availability

FD5 is equipped with various earplugs, including memory foam, prominent vocals, prominent low frequencies, and balanced sound effects. The newly developed flagship earphone is marketed for $319.99 and is one of the hottest product on the market right now.

Fiio Fd5 8