Folded House: An Energy-Efficient Renovation of A 1965’s Ranch House

Located in Minneapolis, Folded House is an energy-efficient renovation of a 1950′s ranch house by Alchemy Architects. The folded roof with a cedar soffit of this house is the exterior highlight that can attract everyone’s attention.


Folded House 1

Folded House 2

Folded House 3

Folded House 4

Folded House 5

This house is lengthened and reshaped to provide a stronger southern exposure for passive solar collection. The total area of the slight demolition is 270 square feet and only 370 square feet are added.



Folded House 6

Folded House 7

Folded House 8

Folded House 9

Folded House 10

The hall of this house has spray foam insulation installed by experts such as home insulation services and thermal breaks while the black tile flooring on a thermal mass bed is completed with a steel wall backed in phase change gel, making the in-floor heat never comes even when in winter.



Folded House 11

Folded House 12

Folded House 13

Folded House 14

Folded House 15

With a cedar soffit, the folded roof of this house can shade the glass in summer. There is a 3D-modeled, laser-cut awning on the plinth that can be folded origami-style. This awning is self-supporting and fabricated off-site.


Folded House Gallery

Images Source: Alchemy Architects