Garmin Lily is a dedicated smartwatch with a focus on exercise and improving general health, for more health related posts you can now read this Private Rehab Centre Review. The woman-targeted product has a diameter of 34mm and is just classic enough to make a statement and savvy enough to be connected.


The design is attractive and looks suitable for females. The body part is designed to be rounded, with a practical strap appearance. There are two variants to choose from; The classic variant uses a stainless steel body and leather strap, while the sport variant uses an aluminum body with a silicone strap.

Garmin Lily 5

The LCD touchscreen panel in it is just black and white. But when the screen is off, the smartwatch will display a special pattern, so it will still be interesting to look at.

Garmin Lily 6



Garmin Lily offers more or less the same as any other smartwatch on the market in terms of features. As a health assistant, it is very comprehensive, ranging from detecting heart rate throughout the day, oxygen saturation levels in the blood.

Garmin Lily 2

Since it is specifically marketed for women, there are also special features such as detecting pregnancy and menstrual periods. Garmin Lily will display some information such as flow, mood, and symptoms every day.

Packed with a large enough screen, Garmin Lily can display notifications from a smartphone. When being paired to an Android smartphone, the user can reply to messages directly from the smartwatch. When needed, the Garmin smartwatch can send a live location to selected contacts for emergencies.

Garmin Lily 4

The company claims that the battery life can last up to 5 days, which is quite impressive considering its physical stature. With 5ATM certification, the Garmin Lily is safe to swim with.


Price and Availability

The Garmin Lily smartwatch is already available worldwide. The Sport variant with a silicone strap will cost the customer $199, while the Classic one with a leather strap will cost $249.