Green Lake Residence: A Customized Home with A Crisp White Interior

It is a remodel project of a spec home by Coates Design Architects located in Seattle, Washington. The overall interior of Green Lake Residence is a crisp white, illuminated by natural light and softened by natural wood.



Green Lake Residence 1

Green Lake Residence 2

Green Lake Residence 3

This spec home was already under construction. The goal of the project is to customize the existing plans to match the needs of the owner.

Adding exterior detailing and transforming the interior are the main tasks for the design team. They also work with the contractor and homeowners to evaluate detailing options, products’ feasibility, and costs.



Green Lake Residence 4

Green Lake Residence 5

Green Lake Residence 6

Two large sliding doors are replaced with bi-folding doors, allowing for more fluid access between the outdoor living area and living room.

A built-in BBQ grill and bench are added to the outdoor living area, including a custom-covered awning to allow this area to be used in any season.

Cedar and fir are two main materials for the exterior space to create a warm, inviting aesthetic.



Green Lake Residence 7

Green Lake Residence 8

Green Lake Residence 9

The color palette of the indoor living, kitchen, and dining areas is a crisp white, illuminated by natural light and softened by natural wood.

The result of this remodel project is a customized home that can suit the aesthetic and lifestyle of the inhabitants.


Green Lake Residence Gallery

Photographer: Lara Swimmer