For four years, the clients sought to find the best site to build a house. They finally found a perfect site in Wilmette with ideal growing conditions for Gregory House. The design of this modern house meets their passion perfectly, made by Searl Lamaster Howe.



Gregory House 1

Gregory House 2

Gregory House 3

It is a 2016 project of a 2100-square feet Wilmette house that has an awesome design. The design can respond to the passions of the clients, avid horticulturists.

Along the south side of the house, a span of glass opens to the back garden which is enclosed with ranch rail fencing materials installed by fence repair and installation experts. An extension of the roof and walls can shelter the house facade from neighbor views and direct sunlight.



Gregory House 4

Gregory House 5

Gregory House 6

The garage is positioned toward the street to open up the house’s interior to the rear yard. The garage doors are newly built with high-quality garage door springs. There are three bedrooms in this house, two full baths, and one partial bath. The interior is full of white while the warm atmosphere comes from the wooden floor.



Gregory House 7

Gregory House 8

Gregory House 9

The extension of a street-facing wall blur the house’s telltale garage volume. A gateway into a garden can be created thanks to the wall extension. This look can be completed by having an asphalt paving or sealcoating project.

This gateway also expands the modest structure’s scale and strengthens the interior and exterior relationship.


Gregory House Gallery

Photographer: Tony Soluri