The all-new, all-electric Honda e has a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, refined comfort, and dynamic performance. It offers emission-free driving with an exhilarating performance for fun drive. One of the best features in this vehicle is the Honda Parking Pilot and Side-Camera Mirror System as a driving assistant. The powerful electric motor drives the rear wheels for better steering feel. A honda auto repair specialist should be able to fix any mechanical issues of your Honda vehicle.

The driver only needs to use Single Pedal Control to get full control of the regenerative braking. Honda e is the first purpose-built, all-electric car with fast charging and a unique water-cooled battery system. This electric car has a simple, flowing design that can wrap its up-to-the-minute technological innovation. It becomes a premium example of a stylish car with the most essential elements.

Honda e can be synced with My Honda+ app on a smartphone, offering a fun and easy way to drive. The spacious, light and comfortable design in this vehicle is supported by a full-width dual-screen and Human Machine Interface or HMI. For a fast reliable charging and an auto-recovery function, Honda Power Charger is a must to get the right connection and right performance.

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