In collaboration with Tesla, Hot Wheels recently came out with a mini 1:10 and 1:64 imitation of the R/C Cybertruck.

Hot Wheels® RC Cybertruck



The Hot Wheels RC Cybertruck can be driven using a mini remote control. It runs on a 9.9V rechargeable battery with a maximum speed of 19 km per hour.

For this 1:10 scale R/C detail, Hot Wheels complete it with an all-wheel-drive (AWD) drive system as well as Chill and Sport driving modes.

Hot Wheels® RC Cybertruck (5)

The mini Cybertruck is also equipped with the same parts as the original vehicle, such as a rear body opener with a telescopic system.

Hot Wheels also come with a front headlamp and taillights that can be turned on like the real deal.

The Cyber truck also comes with a Cyberquad, which can be put in the trunk of the truck. However, the Cyberquad is not radio-controlled as it only rotates freely.

This scale model does not run on batteries but instead uses plug-in electrical power.  Users just have to mount the truck for 3 hours and it will run for 25 minutes, which will maintain the typical EV (electric vehicle) character of Cybertruck.

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Price & Availability

The Hot Wheels R/C Cybertruck is released on May 21 this year and it retails for $100 USD.