Made to work with keyboard and mouse easily, Loupedeck CT offers buttons, dials, and touchscreens to deliver an easy personal way of working. This product is designed with a vast set of integrations for software to let the users move freely between Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and so on in one sleek user interface.

Loupedeck CT comes with a set of preset workspaces and precision control. It is designed to deliver a premium editing experience with its high-quality aluminum cover and dials, machine-quality ball bearings, LED backlighting, and more. It has a compact size and removable USB cable, making it easy to use and move anytime.

Fully adaptable to all creative environments, Loupedeck CT has tools and functions from all of the favorite software. It is an adaptable and powerful custom console that can put the best of all editing tools, music, and design that supported by some best software.

Loupedeck CT 1

Loupedeck CT 2

Loupedeck CT 3