If you’re someone with a musical side, LUMI is the perfect app and tool for you. It’s a virtual instrument in a shape of piano that makes learning more fun, easy, and rewarding.

It has 3 main tools that help you discover the musical part in you namely the LUMI keys, LUMI App, and LUMI Library. 


The LUMI keys is a mini keyboard that comes in an ultra-compact form easy to bring anywhere. It connects wirelessly to the LUMI app you can get on your mobile phones or tablets.

To use the LUMI keys, you can choose from hundreds of songs you like from the LUMI library. From classical to rock, to pop, learning is more fun and efficient!

LUMI (3)

The LUMI keys also come with a virtual classroom with 100+ lessons that cover scales, chords, techniques, and much more. All classrooms are taught by friendly coaches and interactive modules.

All in all, LUMI is the first music learning system that combines a keyboard, an app, and a content library. Everything is integrated through sounds, lights, and different colors. You won’t need anything else to start learning music.

It also comes with games that build skills inspired by classic arcade games, LUMI helps reinforce skills and build muscle memory for your piano lessons. This makes LUMI the perfect app for learners of all ages.


Features and Availability 

As of right now, the LUMI is priced at $250 that includes a $50 voucher for a year of Lumi Complete subscription that gives you full access to the Lumi library.