Exhaust emissions are increasing, especially in cities. Electrically powered vans should help counteract this development despite the increasing number of parcel deliveries and delivery trips. That is precisely why a Chinese Carmaker presented its electric vans dubbed Maxus EV80.

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Range and Technology

Based on a commercial vehicle from the former British manufacturer LDV, the electric Maxus EV80 was created in China. The electric panel van Maxus EV80 has been used in this country for battery-powered goods transport since January 2018. For similar vehicles, check link for more info

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The electrons to drive the 100 kW and 320 Nm electric motor are donated by a 56 kWh lithium-ion battery. According to the company, the battery should be sufficient for a 200 kilometers range in real traffic with a payload of 950 kilograms.

The task of changing between gear is handled by Digital Intelligent CVT that shifts among three power modes.

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The battery took 2,5 hours to charge from zero with DC 30 KWh standard socket. The company didn’t mention any other option or fast charging capability.



Maxus EV80 looks just like any utility vans out there. The vans have a dimension of 6005 x 1998 x 2345. The total payload it can carry is maxed at 1250, which is ideal for delivering packages in urban areas.

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There are two different options of EV80 – Minivan and Van – where the difference between those are the standard features it packed.

Inside the cabin, the electric vans are boasting Interactive High-tech Integrated Dashboard System that they claim easy to read and futuristic.

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Rental and Availability

With lots of prominent features, it’s unfortunate that Maxus EV80 is still not available for sale in many parts of the world except Mainland China. For now, the only proposition is renting several Maxus EV80s.

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Depending on the duration and mileage, there are different rental prices. The cheapest option is a contract with a term of 60 months (five years) and 1,000 kilometers of driving per month.

The operational leasing services offered by the company include configuration and customization, financing, insurance, fleet management, repair you can get more info about this at https://www.racingsportscars.com/report/Luxury-Car-Repair-2022-11-expo.html, maintenance, and tires, as well as marketing.

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