Coates Design and Seattle Architects work together to complete the design of Olympia Prairie Home located in Yelm, Washington. The goal is to build a modern, budget-minded home with a respect to its rural environment.


Olympia Prairie Home 1

Olympia Prairie Home 2

The site of this home is a contemporary take on a country home where simple, cost-effective methods are combined to create a warm, comfortable space through precise design and clean lines.

With metal panel accents, a minimal exterior material palette of stucco and wood siding can highlight the 10 acres of land’s beauty where the house sits. The entry of the house is framed by concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls frame while the flat roof plane hovers overhead to ground the house into the landscape.

It is a home that is designed to reflect the informal lifestyle of the clients and the relationship to the surrounding environment.



Olympia Prairie Home 3

Olympia Prairie Home 4

This home is L-shaped in plan and it has 2,200 square feet in size. The plan allows the house to separate the office and master suite from the garage, craft room, and guest rooms.

The dining room, kitchen, and open-plan living room are placed in the central area of the house. With expansive glass walls, these rooms can create a core space that connect the owners to the landscape.

Awesome views of tree-covered wetlands and foothills can be seen through the transparent core. The floor plan’s organization is designed with radiant floor heating, natural ventilation, and heat-recovery technology that can create a warm and intimate feeling for the interior. They worked with professional ac repairs services like Hargrove-Neel – HVAC services in Crockett, TX and heating service that provide AC repair in Fairfield, NJ and AC repair in Bedford, IN and installation contractors like these HVAC services in Decatur, GA and commercial HVAC services in Lascassas, TN to make their plan come to life.



Olympia Prairie Home 5

Olympia Prairie Home 6

A material warmth comes from a concrete masonry fireplace that is paired with a copper-toned, stained birch ceiling. The space’s circulation is completed with built-in storage benches that can add pops of color, using as visual breaks as well.


Olympia Prairie Home 7

Olympia Prairie Home 8

The elements’ repetition and efficient planning throughout the house can help to lower the costs. The result is an economically priced, modern home that complements its awesome natural environment. Through extensive remodeling this project was able to be finished, all types of contractors were hired to fix or install new fixtures, all the way from roofing replacement to sewer cleaning.


Olympia Prairie Home Gallery

Photographer: Lara Swimmer