Osma is a brand that offers a portable coffee maker to make instant cold brew through its biodegradable pods or your favorite coffee capsules.

With this brewer, you can cold or hot brew your coffee on the go – there’s no more waiting around. This coffee maker is perfect for those who are mobile and constantly moving.

Osma Cold Brew

The Osma brewer comes with biodegradable pods you can reuse for your compost and plants. You can also order the empty versions of the pods to use with your favorite tea and coffee.

The brewer also connects seamlessly to your iOS devices via Bluetooth. You can use the app to discover new pods or create your own custom recipes.

When it comes to the body, Osma is built with aluminum, BPA-Free PETG Zinc materials that weigh only 1.5 pounds. It has a capacity of 6 oz and can last up to 20+ brews on a single charge.

What’s even better, you will only need 4 steps to use the Osma brewer – making it one of the most convenient and simple brewing devices on the go!

Osma Cold Brew (3)

Price and Availability 

Currently, the Osma brewer currently only ships within the United States. It retails for $185.  There’s also a 30-day-free trial just for the cost of the shipping cost which is $19.