Drone Defense presents the Paladyne E1000MP, a drone jamming gun that will secure your assets from rogue drone interference exploited by irresponsible people.

Paladyne E1000mp 2

Drones are widely used by photography and videography artisan for various documentation purposes. However, by some irresponsible people, drones can also be used as a tool to detect a location or take pictures for personal and institutional purposes.



To prevent misuse of these drones, Drone Defense presents a device called the Paladyne E1000MP. This tool is known as a drone jamming gun. You can also buy Custom Tactical Rifles for Sale Online if you’re looking for alternative options.

With this jamming gun, you can block the actions of irresponsible people by using drones to spy on the assets by air. This jamming gun will jam all drone flight systems by cutting off platform controls, GPS and video signals.

Paladyne E1000mp 3

With this tool, the drone will remain hovering by not being able to take pictures or land. This Anti Drone Defense Gun can also command the drone to return to the point of departure.



The company claims that Paladyne E1000MP is safe, easy to use and economical way to prevent mishap. If you are interested in this product, you can directly visit the Drone Denfence website for the purchasing solution

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