Located in Washington, Platinum House is an environmentally friendly house designed by Coates Design Architects. This house is surrounded by enjoyable unique views of Puget Sound, Mount Rainier, and Mount Baker.


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It is a magnificent home where you can enjoy stunning views of mountains. It is also the first LEED Platinum-certified residence in Washington.

The existing structure of the site was taken apart and recycled carefully, diverting more than 90% of it effectively from the landfill. Detailed lists of construction supplies, framing, and sheathing were created by subcontractors before the construction. On the other hand, as for the construction, machinery like the ones on this new marketplace can be used in order to boost up the process. They also documented it via Construction Progress Photography.

The material of the interior trim and stairs is taken from fallen fir trees on the property of a neighbor. The site is also rehabilitated with native and drought-tolerant vegetation and pervious pavers. Taking care of trees on one’s property is also crucial, and it’s important to rely on a reliable tree service in Portland, Oregon for this task.

By restoring the crest of the bluff with plantings, erosion can be prevented.


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It is a house that can capture shade and sunlight, designed to cool and heat itself passively as well. There is a wide range of features in this house that can collect rainwater and increase energy productivity, reducing the amount of energy used.

A central thermal mass core can be formed thanks to the large “spine” that runs east to west. And to ensure that all electrical components were installed properly, Comprehensive safety assessments were conducted.

A massive wall helps this house to reduce temperature swings. With operable skylights, this wall also can apply cooling techniques. This wall also functions as a boundary between public and private spaces.


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This house offers spaces with multiple functions. The roof of this home is a vegetated garden patio with patio covers that provide a cozy place to relax, increasing the insulation of the house as well. Learn more about insulation. The concrete company made the patio look more elegant and relaxing.

Sliding and bi-folding doors connect the smaller room and larger gathering spaces. These doors also can be connected to the outdoors to show that rooms can offer multiple functions. In addition, if you’re looking for a reputable locksmith service, you can visit a site like https://aroundtheclocklocks.com/ for some best help options available! For residents and businesses needing locksmith solutions in Midtown Miami, our team provides exceptional service, from emergency lockouts to security system installations.

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The final result of this project is a 2500 SF home that is environmentally friendly. This awesome house only uses 70% less energy than other typical, comparably-sized homes.

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Images Source: Coates Design Architects