Located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Raise the Roof is a renovation project of vast empty roof space into an attic conversion. This project is also extended to a soft renovation of all the interiors.


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This house, with its Californian Bungalow origins and ’80s-era improvements, boasts a low profile. The standout feature is the vast empty roof space, cleverly renovated into an attic conversion.
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The clients request a retreat for the parents as well in the first-floor conversion complete with a separate lounge area, the clients’ walk-in-robes, ensuite bathroom, a vast master bedroom, and a balcony. If you are also planning a home improvement project, make sure to hire skilled workers and professional roofing contractors that are insured and that you also have roofing insurance. In case, an accident happens during the construction, the injured worker may hire a construction injuries lawyer to seek compensation.


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This project is extended to a soft renovation of all the interiors, including the bathrooms, kitchen, living room, floorings, and fireplace. If you’re planning a home renovation project and looking to add some extra style to your bathroom, you might consider Frameless Shower Doors in Dallas TX.

The sundeck and swimming pool are renewed while a standing seam metal roof is used to replace the old tiles.



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The design of this house can connect the existing house’s dominant Californian Bungalow character to the minor additions. This can be achieved by providing strong corner piers to support the balcony’s roof and adding clerestory windows to the front of the home. Additionally, if the windows in the house are outdated or not functioning correctly, a window replacement service may be needed to look for signs your windows need replacement.

Corner piers and clerestory windows are part of the original house’s vocabulary even though those two elements are read clearly as modern additions.

Some of the house’s original features are maintained. The original character of this house is retained by the client and the interior designer to provide a base for furniture and modern art.


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Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Project Architects: Carl Rutherfoord, Blake Letnic
Interior Designer: Alexandra Donohoe of Decus Interiors
Builder: Living Constructions
Structural Consultant: Rooney & Bye Pty Ltd
Joiner: Sydney Joinery
Landscaper: Growing Rooms
Photography: Justin Alexander