Rural Lifestyle: A Warm Family Home with An Extensive Use of Glass

Located in Ashburton, Rural Lifestyle is a 2015 completed project by Studio 4 Architects. It is a warm family home designed to replace an existing farmhouse. Extensive use of glass can create a connection between the house and the outdoors.


Rural Lifestyle 1

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Rural Lifestyle 4

Rural Lifestyle 5

This house is also designed with distinct wings to spread the large house across the beautiful site. Extensive use of glass is used for all rooms to create a connection between the house, outdoors, and land beyond.



Rural Lifestyle 6

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Rural Lifestyle 10

Inside, the spaces are filled with natural light. There is also a range of outdoor entertaining options for the family gathering.

The dining, kitchen, and living areas of the house open out into a mixture of covered and sheltered courtyard spaces, allowing the family to enjoy the courtyard views from inside the house.

The exterior and interior can be connected thanks to the large feature stone wall. This wall is also used to anchor the main living spaces of the house.


Rural Lifestyle Gallery

Photographer: Hazel Redmond Photography