Sorocaba House marks a local horizon with its two overlapping volumes. This modern house is located in a residential neighborhood in Sorocaba, Brazil. It is a 2014 project completed by Estudio BRA.


Sorocaba House 1

Sorocaba House 2

Sorocaba House 3

Sorocaba House 4

Sorocaba House 5

Sorocaba House 6

Sorocaba House 7

This house is composed of two overlapping volumes. The goal is to give fluidity to the house occupation and free up the largest possible area for living spaces. The upper floor is removed from the lower volume, making half of the house to seem float. A few art pieces have been distributed throughout both as decoration with the assistance of art installation professionals.



Sorocaba House 8

Sorocaba House 9

Sorocaba House 10

Sorocaba House 11

Sorocaba House 12

Sorocaba House 13

Sorocaba House 14

This house has large openings on the roof and facades to ensure an influx of natural lighting and ventilation. These openings also contribute to the main facades’ composition.

The living room downstairs can be opened to the garden completely thanks to the sliding glass panels, making an environment mix and creating a home extension to the outside as well. Still in progress is a 3 season sunroom construction that will be located in this same outdoor area. It lends to the openness and natural lighting style of the property, and will compliment the scenery that the living room looks unto.

The top floor openings are protected by wooden shutters painted white by professional services like to ensure the bedrooms’ privacy.



Sorocaba House 15

Sorocaba House 16

Sorocaba House 17

Sorocaba House 18

Sorocaba House 19

Sorocaba House 20

Sorocaba House 21

The main priority in this project is spatial richness.

The interior and exterior painting look amazing in white done by services like Euro Painting. A difference in the textures of the environments also can be seen in this house.

The floors of the interior are finished with granilite, bringing the garden into the house and mediating between the interior and exterior.

Through vertical openings, the vertical and horizontal circulations can receive natural light, transforming the spaces into small gallery that exhibits art objects. These are great aspects that can create a plastic result of contemporary identity for the house.



Sorocaba House 22

Sorocaba House 23

Sorocaba House 24

Sorocaba House 25

Sorocaba House 26

Sorocaba House 27

Sorocaba House 28

The structural mesh of this house is designed to release the maximum possible ground on a site of 7 by 22 meters.

A reinforced concrete girder is a result of the play of volumes. This girder is 14 meters in length, running through the side of the house.

Photographer: Lauro Rocha