100% fun without any emissions. Tacita T-Race Motard is a perfect vehicle for contemporary street riders. It has an awesome performance for mountain roads or motard track. The Gen.2 Tacita® engine is combined with a redesigned chassis to boost the best experience.

Tacita T-Race Motard is designed with PMAC for its electric motor with Eco and Sport Mappings, 5-speed gearbox with the hydraulic clutch with a Brembo master cylinder for its transmission, and liquid type, with circuits for electric motor and controller for its cooling system.

The traction battery is LI-PO Lithium Polymer battery 9 kWh with 185.000 km or over 2000 cycles to 80% initial capacity for the battery life and 5 years of the batteries warranty. The max rpm of Tacita T-Race Motard is 8000 and it has 1470 mm of the wheelbase size and 220 mm with Brembo caliper of the rear brake size.

It takes 2,5 hours from the “reserve power” level to 80% at 220 V for the charging time with the on-board charger from any socket at 10A. The body of Tacita T-Race Motard is fiberglass reinforced Kevlar with a single-shell frame split in the chrome-molybdenum of the chassis.

Tacita T Race Motard 1

Tacita T Race Motard 2

Tacita T Race Motard 3

Tacita T Race Motard 4