G Shock Carbon Core Guard Mudmaster GG B100 1
G-Shock offers the next generation of MUDMASTER: Carbon Core Guard - Mudmaster GG-B100. This stylish watch is designed for harsh land environments with an all-new Carbon Core Guard structure and carbon-fiber-reinforced materials in the case. The new dust- and mud-resistant structure uses a filter inserted between the buttons and case, ensuring a good seal and keeping the dirt out.
Lineup WSD F21HR 5
Pro Trek WSD-F21HR combines a heart rate monitor and a wearable map to visualize every performance. It is a smart outdoor watch with Wear OS by Google and MIL-STD-810G by the U.S. Department of Defense. This watch is compatible with both MICHIBIKI and GLONASS GPS and also color maps for offline use, a perfect watch for cycling, fishing, trail running, trekking, and snow activities.