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Indian eFTR Jr

The FTR has a look that has appealed to all riders from the start. So inevitably, the Indian eFTR Jr seeks to do as the adults. And that, Indian Motorcycles understood very well with its eFTR Jr.

Indian Scout Bobber Twenty Motorcycle

Indian Scout Bobber Twenty Motorcycle has old school bobber looks but it has new school technology. The design nods back to the original Scout with power and throwback styling all-in-one ride. The bobber-style seat offers an aggressive riding position with wired wheels for throwback styling and liquid-cooled, 69-cubic-inch, 100-horsepower V-Twin for punchy acceleration.

Indian Scout

A combination of unbridled power and exceptional handling in Indian Scout can make every ride feels amazing. This motorcycle has agile handling with low seat height and center of gravity for an exceptionally balanced ride. Its power can deliver the best performance in its class.