Last month, Shelby American revealed a new super pickup truck called the Shelby F-250 Super Baja. Being a part of the Ford F-250 lineup, the Shelby Super Baja is the new super off-road version of the Super Duty truck.

2021 Shelby Super Baja 1


The Shelby Super Baja combines the company’s 6-7 liter Powerstroke turbo-diesel V8 with a custom racing suspension, and 37-inch all-terrain tires — making it faster and safer to off-road.

The custom racing suspension adds new heights, travels, and off-roading handling powers. It’s engineered to cater to all kinds of needs, from hardcore off-roading, towing, and street driving.

Shelby F250 Super Baja (2)

The features included in the suspension system vary from adjustable upper control arms to a steering stabilizer and a custom BDS lift system.

The super truck is also equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels and 37-inch tires and some spares mounted on the steel chase rack of the truck.

Just like its predecessors, the Super Baja comes with 475-horsepower and a 1050 lb-ft torque powertrain  — the best option in its class.

When it comes to the interiors, Shelby made sure the truck features comfortable seatings and interiors. It offers full leather seat covers with accents and embroidery. 

Shelby F250 Super Baja (3)

Stainless steel gauges, custom carbon fiber accents, and embroidered floor mats are included inside. The Shelby stripes and badges are also everywhere on the truck, making it look more exclusive.

The Shelby Super Baja also gets a handful of useful features for the truck such as a functional ram air hood with extraction vent, powder-coated steel front, and rear bumpers, tow points, and LED lighting around the truck.

Price And Availability 

As of right now, the Shelby Super Baja is currently a work in progress. It is expected to retail with a starting price of around $125,805. Each truck will include base 6.7 L lariat ultimate 4×4 ford super Duty.

If you wish to make a purchase, contact the Shelby sales team in the dealership near you or through its official website here.

Shelby F250 Super Baja