Completed in July 2019 by Soken Home, A Functional and Beautiful House with A Modern Look is a residential project located in Japan. It is a functional and beautiful house with a modern look for Mr. V and his family.


A Functional And Beautiful House With A Modern Look 1

A Functional And Beautiful House With A Modern Look 2

A Functional And Beautiful House With A Modern Look 3

It is a family house where you can feel the owner’s commitment to color at a glance. Inside, the house space is designed to accommodate future lifestyle changes and the growth of the children of the owner. It also about illuminates the future of the owner’s family. If you also have a home with a lot glass, you may want to install window treatments like blockout blinds Melbourne that will help improve the privacy and aesthetics of your home.

As per, you can also make your home a great one when it is pest free. That means your home is really clean and safe for your loved ones.

Reliable exterminator services like this pest control Lexington can help you achieve this by simply visiting a website at You should schedule regular pest control, termite extermination and squirrel removal services to prevent pest infestations in your property. You can also call in a Kitchen Canopy Deep Cleaning service to avoid kitchen fires.


A Functional And Beautiful House With A Modern Look 4

A Functional And Beautiful House With A Modern Look 5

The LDK in this house is full of openness with a design based on white and black, and red as the interior accent. The stylish kitchen is completed with 2019’s latest equipment. If you’re in search of a reliable oven, this kitchen is an excellent reference for what’s current and trendy in the world of kitchen design and equipment. In addition, safety and security are also prioritized, with fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler installation in place. Moreover, designed for durability, sliding gate automation systems not only prevent unauthorised entry but also offer barrier protection while improving traffic flow. They’re commonly used in commercial properties, enhancing both aesthetics and security.

Adjacent to the living room, a Japanese-style room can be used as a play space or a guest room.

Additionally, if you’re a property owner and your fire alarm system or water-based fire protection system is not functional, then you are required to implement a fire watch. You may seek expert help from a professional Fire Watch Company in Lake Buena Vista.

The modern look can be seen on both the house’s interior and exterior. Outside, there is a garden equipped with sprinklers that had undergone sprinkler inspections. It’s also well-maintained by pest control service like pest control everett that can be accessed from the living room.

Images Source: Soken Home