Since the automaker world is competitive, not many will know Alpha. But it is possibly going to change soon. The car manufacturer from Italy has just released an electric car called Alpha Ace with a minimalist exterior and interior approach.

Alpha Ace 2



Unlike other manufacturers who prioritize the impression of luxury and comfort in the cabin and the electric range, Alpha Ace, which may be found on a dealership near me, gives a different look. Using a unique exterior color called Blue Seraph, the proportions and dimensions are very compact.

Alpha Ace 8

Alpha Ace is only 4.2 m long, 1.9 m wide, and 1.5 m high in terms of dimensions. The proportion makes the second-row seats arguably less comfortable for the passenger in the second row. Thus, the backroom is more comfortable for storing luggage.

Alpha Ace 5

Despite its compact dimensions, Ace offers a trunk with a volume of nearly 400 liters. The cabin is simple but offers massive touch screen infotainment features. It is paired with a minimalist style steering wheel, which only has two buttons.

Alpha Ace 3



Alpha Ace is using a rear-wheel-drive system that makes it fun to drive. With a weight of 1,632 kg, the acceleration is enormously impressive. The electric car can go 0-100 km / h in just six seconds. Plus, it has a range of more than 400 kilometers.

Alpha Ace 1

Other features include LED headlamps, a premium sound system, and options for alloy wheels measuring 16 to 18 inches. In a way, Alpha introduces a charming look with a brave classic-style design electric car.

Alpha Ace 7


Price and Availability

Unfortunately, pricing and further details of the Alpha Ace are still a secret for now. It is expected that the details will be available in the coming months since Alpha also plans to release other variants of the car.

Alpha Ace 4