The American start-up Alpha Motor throws an electric pavement in the pond of the pick-up with its Alpha Wolf model. A compact vehicle for the zero-emission category, intended for only two occupants.

Alpha Wolf 8



The American 1.36-tonne “Wolf” thus relatively plays the all-purpose vehicle card, even if its ramp of four lights integrated into the roof.

Alpha Wolf 1

Although it is a utility model, it does not lack proper field equipment. These include, for example, off-road wheels, tubular bumpers, and a body with additional lights.

Alpha Wolf 7

The truck also has a rear bumper guard and a similar-looking roll bar bed. These are depicted with muddy terrain tires and equipped with 16 or 18-inch wheels. There also appears to be a slip plate on the underbody for off-roading.

Alpha Wolf 2

Alpha Wolf offers a length of 4,765 mm, a width of 1,930 mm, and a height of 1,685 mm.

On the inside, the Alpha Wolf brags a sleek interior with a digital instrument cluster, high-end-looking seats, a premium audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, and a large center touch screen.

Alpha Wolf 3



Available in 2 or 4 wheel drive, the Alpha Wolf is, therefore, a 100% electric vehicle. It thus embeds a lithium-ion battery between 75 and 85 KWh for a given range of around 400 km.

Alpha Wolf 4

The electric pick-up will be accompanied by a solar panel on the body, which would be used for additional electricity collection and battery recharging.

On the performance side, the American pick-up, whose rather well-treated interior houses a digital panel, slashes from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds.


Price and Availability

Finally, the model is sold for $ 36,000 directly online (pre-order) on the official website of Alpha Motors. And production? With sufficient public response, the first pieces produced can start coming off the production line in as soon as two years period.

Alpha Wolf 5