Gaming laptops, like those that can be placed on a laptopwagen, are famous for their bulky shape. However, this assumption seems to be outdated soon after ASUS announced the presence of its newest gaming laptop, ROG Flow X13.

Asus Rog Flow X13 6



The ROG Flow X13 comes with a hybrid design and can be made into a tablet, similar to that portable drawing tablet, thanks to the 360-degree hinge. That way, users can experience playing PC games on a laptop with an additional controller.

Asus Rog Flow X13 3

ROG Flow X13 also features a stylus that can be used in tablet mode. The 2-in-1 laptop only measures 15mm in diameter and weighs 1.3kg.



The laptop has a screen measuring 13 inches with a 16:10 ratio. There are also 60Hz and 120Hz panel variants that can be used as desired. The 60Hz panel supports 4K UHD resolution, while 120Hz supports FHD resolution. This makes it a great choice for gaming, including games available at โปรโมชั่น UFABET.

Asus Rog Flow X13 7

ASUS ROG Flow X13 is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS processor combined with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU. ASUS brings the GTX 1650 to this laptop to keep the size of this laptop thin.

However, this manufacturer also presents another solution in the form of an eGPU device called XG Mobile, which will later be able to support GPUs such as the NVIDIA RTX 3080.

Asus Rog Flow X13 4

In order to balance the high-performance improvements, ASUS presents the Vapor Chamber cooling system on ROG XG Mobile. In terms of connectivity, ROG XG Mobile is equipped with various types of I / O ports.

The external GPU is 6 percent smaller than the other external GPUs. Then, ROG XG Mobile also only weighs 1kg, which means it’s not too difficult to carry everywhere.

For storage space, ROG Flow X13 is equipped with 1TB NVMe SSD and 32GB RAM. In terms of durability, this laptop uses a 62Wh capacity battery with a Type-C port.

Asus Rog Flow X13 1



So what would be the price tag for this hybrid gaming laptop? ASUS ROG Flow X13 with ROG XG Mobile, which is already equipped with RTX 3080, will be marketed for $ 2,999 and has already on the pre-order period.

Asus Rog Flow X13 2