If you like playing games on the iPhone, Backbone One may be the game controller that can satisfy your need. This game controller offers many features that make playing the game more fun and pleasant to show your skills.

The gaming ecosystem on smartphones is indeed growing rapidly. Various accessories, including game controllers, are also here. ROG Phone has Kunai; Razer has released Junglecat and Kishi.

Backbone One is a game controller specifically designed for the iPhone.

Backbone One 6


Backbone One has optimization between hardware and software—both on the controller and in the iPhone’s applications. In terms of design, the Backbone One grip is similar to console controllers such as PlayStation and Xbox.  If you want to play exciting games, you can try sites like 온라인 카지노.

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On the other hand, being a mobile controller, its construction is quite similar to the others. Backbone One supports almost all iPhone variants, from the iPhone 6S to the iPhone 12 series. If you want to learn the latest news about gaming, a site like 8-Bit Pickle has you covered.


The operating system supports iOS 13 or later. As long as the game in question supports the controller, you can use it. Whether racing games like Asphalt 9: Legends, shooting games like Call of Duty: Mobile, social games like Sky: Children of the Light, Genshin Impact, and even satta king.

Backbone One has a special button on the controller called the Capture Button. This feature allows players to record games on their iPhone and share them on social media such as Instagram, or send messages via Apple‘s iMessage service.

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Besides, this game controller is also equipped with an application to view fellow Backbone One users. Interestingly, fellow Backbone One users can chat on the application.

There are other features on Backbone One, namely, support for voice chat while playing games at an online casino site and many more social interaction features made especially for mobile gamers. Like most game controllers, Backbone One also features a D-pad, dual analog sticks, and many other supporting buttons.



Backbone One is marketed for $ 99, which is not too expensive for iPhone accessories related to gaming.

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