New options for electric propulsion motorbike are constantly emerging. The latest one came with the name Bull-e, an electric scooter designed inspired by the bull, the result of which is overflowing with muscle.

Bull E 6



The person in charge of designing this scooter has been Nikos Manafis Design, who proposes a vehicle loaded with style, and it is certainly spectacular. Its designer has sought to replicate the driving position of a ‘coffee’ or cafe racer motorcycle, a different approach from other models of this type.

Manafis has some experience in customizing motorcycles and creating projects, something that has led to this model.

Bull E 3

There’s no question that the Bull-e (which roughly translates to ‘electric bull’) oozes style. According to the designer, the body of the Bull-e is made of fiberglass and is built on the chassis of a scooter currently available in the market, without specifying which.

The Bull-e comes with integrated cup holders to reinforce ‘its role as a practical city vehicle,’ a recess for a toolbox, an ‘easily accessible’ glove compartment, and an expandable compartment to accommodate more oversized items.

Bull E 4

There is ample space between the rider’s legs, where there is enough space to leave a backpack or even a small shopping bag.



The Bull-e team plotted an electric motor integrated into the wheel hub with 2000 W of power, which is powered by a removable battery pack capable of offering 50 kilometers of autonomy. As is imperative in these cases, the maximum speed is limited to 45 km / h.


Bull E 2


Price and Availability

Production will be limited to 250 pieces. Pre-orders have started through the official website of the project.  The first scooters will be delivered in late spring and early summer 2021.

As for the price, the Bull-e is tagged with a price tag of 4,500.