Designed by Ryu Mitarai & Associates Architects in 2018, House in Shioyamachi is a residential project of a one-storey house located in Japan. Surrounded by a rich environment with gardens and fields, this house has a bright and open architecture.


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This house is located in Shioya-cho, Shioya-gun, Tochigi Prefecture where there are a lot of Houses with Oya stone storehouses and fields. The site offers a tranquil landscape that is perfect for relaxing.



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This house has three large roofs and a carriage porch. Each roof expands to the surroundings and each of them has its own inclination. Those roofs create a high and bright eaves space that blends well with the environment. In addition, a fluoropolymer coating is applied to the roofs for long-term durability and dirt resistance. An aluminum gutter installation with gutter covers is also recommended to be added to the roofing system to protect the house from water damage.

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Moreover, those roofs are arranged to form a half-open courtyard that has a U-shaped plan. This allows the house to have a bright and open architecture. A top article recommends this expert roof contractor from Colony Roofers, who made this all possible.


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Inside and outside areas can be mixed by taking plenty of air space. It is a bright and open house with a very rich environment that is simple yet connected to the garden, which has veranda decking that is available in a variety of colors and styles that can match any home’s aesthetic. Light and wind pass through the house comfortably.


House in Shioyamachi Gallery

Photographer: Kai Nakamura