Maserati has recently officially announced the presence of one of its new cars, the Maserati MC20. It is widely known that the supercar has a beasty performance and a fabulous body design.

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The Maserati MC20 is equipped with a V6 engine with a capacity of 3,000 cc, which can produce 630 hp at 7,500 rpm. Meanwhile, the peak torque is 730 Nm at 3,000-5,500 rpm.

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This powerful engine is combined with the MC20 weighs that clocked only 1,500 kg, so that this car can go at a maximum speed of 325 km/hour. Meanwhile, of 0-100 only take 2.9 seconds.

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Maserati claims the MC20 has exceptional aerodynamics. The Body is designed for over two thousand hours of work in the Dallara Wind Tunnel. That’s not counting the more than a thousand CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations.

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The results were precise. Maserati MC20 has a sleek body line and has a firm minimalist impression.

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Inside the cabin, the interior and control panel of the MC20 has a classy but straightforward impression. Installed two 10-inch screens: one for the cockpit and one for the Maserati Touch Control Plus (MTC Plus MIA).

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Carbon fiber wrapped center console with several built-in features, such as wireless smartphone charger, driving mode selector knob (GT, Wet, Sport, Corsa, and ESC Off to disable control functions), two-speed selection buttons, power window control, multimedia device control, as well as a storage compartment.

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The new Italian supercar, which was introduced at the end of 2020, will be available to order starting from 9 September 2021. The Maserati production line claims that they will ship the MC20 starting from the end of 2021. In order to find similar cars at a fraction of a cost, sites like used cars truro may be worth a visit.

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