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The Maxus RV80


In an effort to preserve nature, the Maxus RV80 uses green environmentally-friendly engines such as the state V emission Europe standard. 

This gives the motorhome the ability to have low power consumption, making it more efficient and safe in the long run.

For comfort, the trailer comes with heat preservation that keeps you warm during the harsh winter and sound insulation which improves voice interaction by 13.5%.

The motorhome also features advanced technology such as a touch screen entertainment system, integrated control screen that lets you manage the vehicle’s configurations.

The Maxus RV80 (3)

Additional features of the motorhome include electric windows, ABS brakes, air conditioning, power steering, and automatic transmission AMT dual-clutch.

As of right now, the Maxus RV80 motorhome has 2 different models: the RV80B and RV80c. Each type also comes with different variations. 

The RV80B comes with 2 options of motorhomes of a short wheelbase with a middle roof and a long wheelbase with a high roof. While the RV80C only comes with a high roof. 

Each model comes with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and multimedia room. It also has a water power system with a water pump and hot water. For pesky plumbing concerns, you can find professionals online right here on Carlson Plumbing Company

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When it comes to safety, the Maxus RV80 motorhome also has different security measures such as IMMO intelligent anti-theft device, reversing radar, child seat fixator, and smoke alarms.

Price and Availability

You can get the Maxus RV80 motorhome at its official distributor near you. It’s available for Oceania, Europe, and the UK, Southeast Asia, America, as well as the middle list.

See the list of available countries on their official website here.