Quip, a brand known for its electric toothbrushes, has just released its first all-black smart electric toothbrush. 

The sleek metal body paired with the company’s Smart brush app makes everyday teeth brushing feel more different and rewarding. Aside from having a great toothbrush, you can visit website in order to find services that are inclined to good oral hygiene.


The Quip sleek all-color collection comes in a slim and lightweight design. It supports timed sonic vibrations that help you brush better every day.

With its simple yet modern design, the toothbrush is designed for both kids and adults. It’s equipped with the Bluetooth smart motor that offers a 2-minute timer guiding pulses.

Each toothbrush comes with a reusable mirror mount cover that’s perfect for travel purposes. The battery of the brush lasts around 3 months peruse so it requires no wires or charger.


For an extra $5, you can also get a new brush head and battery refills delivered to your doorstep every 3 months.

The most fun about the Quip smart toothbrush is its tracking app. Users get to pair multiple brushes in one app so parents can track their kids’ brushing habits.

Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth inside it, you won’t need a phone close by to get the tracking result of each brush. It tracks the brush time, coverage, strokes, and intensity of each brush.

After using the application for a while, the app will also give users coaching and personalized tips to improve their health which can be also achieved with a herbal supplement

Once a user forms a healthy oral habit, they can get points which can be redeemed for a handful of rewarding goodies such as free refills and more.

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Price and Availability

The Quip smart toothbrush comes in many different variations. Users get to choose whether they want their toothbrush to be made of metal or plastic as well as the all-black or all-pink color.

As of right now, the brush retails $60 for the first purchase and $5 for the next refill. It comes with large mint anti-cavity toothpaste for free.