Roborock is a key player in the robot vacuum cleaner sector. Since the launch of its S50, the Chinese company incubated by Xiaomi has multiplied the references. The lineup is getting a new addition with the announcement of the Roborock S4 Max.

Roborock S4 Max 1



A new Roborock model has officially appeared on The Roborock S4 Max can now also save several maps and climb better than its predecessor. The company claims that the Roborock S4 Max can store four different floor configurations.

Roborock S4 Max 6

Compared to its predecessor, the Roborock S4, the S4 Max should now be able to climb 2 cm instead of 1.5 cm, can store up to four floors, and has better carpet cleaning. The dust tank on the Roborock S4 Max is also larger.

The comparison doesn’t stop there. The Roborock S4 offers multi-level intelligent suction control with a hazard sensor array to help navigate the area. The owner can even go and create a no-go zone with a virtual wall. If you can’t afford such technology yet, you can always count on professionals like Modern Maids Cleaning.

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Roborock S4 Max 7

Meanwhile, the Roborock S4 had no wiping function, and it will stay that way with the S4 Max. The robot vacuum is aimed at all customers who do not want a wiping function.

Roborock S4 Max 8


Price and Availability

It is not yet known when the model will be launched on the global market as at the time of writing, it cannot be ordered on either. Of course, the price that Roborock will call for the new model will be interesting. The Roborock S4 costs a little over 400 euros from us, while the latest one will predictably be priced similarly.