The Rolls-Royce Koa Phantom, the latest creation of the bespoke department of the English brand, is a fantasy made of koa wood, a species of acacia endemic to Hawaii that is highly appreciated for its grain pattern and extremely limited production.

Very limited in production, it is a tree protected by the Hawaii State Parks Authority. Koa wood can only be obtained from trees planted on private land, which makes it very scarce.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom 6

And this makes the Koa Phantom one of the most unique vehicles created by the Goodwood factory customization team.



As explained by those responsible for Rolls-Royce in a statement, at the origin of everything is a chair.

The interiors are, therefore, the jewel of the Koa Phantom. The specialists at Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design have taken special care to preserve the grain of the wood, which, they say, has a velvety appearance. Warm-toned koa wood covers the dashboard and part of the inside of the doors.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom 4

It is combined with leather upholstery in a shade of Dove Gray. Besides, a metal plate visible when opening the rear doors (reverse-opening) has been incorporated.

The rear seats include a champagne cooler also engraved with the owners’ names and including two glasses and a decanter.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom 3

In addition, a picnic bag has also been made of koa wood, stainless steel, and leather with Hungarian crystal glasses, English steel cutlery, and Wedgwood porcelain avocados.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom 2



The exterior has also posed challenges for the Rolls-Royce Bespoke team. Jack Boyd Smith, Jr. wanted to reproduce the exact blue of one of the most beloved cars, which could use services like Car Paint protection Sydney, in his collection, a Packard Twelve Coupé from 1934. Bring back that new car feeling or protect your pride and joy with the best mobile car detailing and ceramic coating paint protection like the ones at Car Detailing Bendigo services.

Rolls Royce Koa Phantom 5

For this, more than 40 tests were carried out to find the precise tone. Smith’s initials in capital letters, “JBS JR.” And his wife’s “LAS” has been painted on the driver’s door in gray.


Private Collection

The Koa Phantom thus becomes the 47th car in the JBS Collection, which the American started six years ago buying eight cars in a single day. Among them are several winners of the Pebble Beach Contest of Elegance, one of the largest in the world. Why not check out this car dealership here if you’re looking to buy a new car! If you’re looking for a vintage match strike for sale, contact for the best deal you could have.

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Rolls Royce Koa Phantom 1

It is also the fifth Rolls-Royce in the garage of the American businessman, which is added to a Silver Ghost from 1923, a Corniche from 2001, a Phantom VII Drophead Coupé from 2011, and a Phantom from 2015. You may also want to check out this mitsubishi dealership in Mobile here if you’re looking to buy a car!