By Zara Eliott

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Flowcamper Casper

Flowcamper, a motorhome company based in Germany, offers an effective solution for those who are looking for a small motorhome with simple off-road capabilities called the Casper.

Tamiya Wild One Max

After successfully releasing fully licensed replicas of driveable cars such as the Bugatti Type 35 and Aston Martin DB5, the Little Car Company has come up with a new project.

For its newest project, LCC has taken the XXL and built an 8/10 version of one of Tamiya’s most iconic 1980s R/C cars, the Tamiya Wild One Max.

Baltasar Revolt

Revolt is an electric track car made by Baltasar, a car company located in Barcelona, Spain. Claimed to be the purest electric racing car, the Revolt comes with plenty of cool features and specifications.

2021 Ford Explorer Timberline

The Ford Explorer Timberline, which was introduced in early May 2021, is claimed to be the most reliable Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) to bypass off-road routes for the utmost adventurous outdoor experience.

Oakley Kato

After officially releasing the super bowl LV edition of Kato sunglasses on their website last year, Oakley has finally revealed the Kato Polished Black Sunglasses earlier this year.

Osma Pro

Osma, a brand known for its various supplies of coffee-making necessities, has recently revealed a new machine that extracts the perfect cup of cold brew coffee in just 90 seconds called the Osma Pro.