CAKE Kalk OR is designed and also engineered to promote performance, free riding in the backcountry, and trail or enduro. The combination of geometry, size, kinematics, materials, and construction can deliver a flighty and exciting experience for all riders.

It is a whole new chassis with a developed suspension by Öhlins to support hi-performance at minimum weight. CAKE Kalk OR has 3 different riding modes (Explore, Excite, Excel) to let anyone fly at their own level thanks to its digital presetting. The weight is 52 kg with 17kg of the battery.

For the top speed, CAKE Kalk OR can reach +80km/h / +50mph with an actual range depends on a number of different aspects such as road surface and rider weight. The battery is 18650 lithium cells that take 2,5 hours for full charging. While the frame consist of 6061 aluminum, extruded, forged and CNC jointed and welded with Body Carbon fibre reinforced PC.

CAKE Kalk OR 1

CAKE Kalk OR 2

CAKE Kalk OR 3

CAKE Kalk OR 4

CAKE Kalk OR 5