Zero Motorcycles & Deus ex Machina

Zero Motorcycles and Deus ex Machina took Zero Motorcycles SR / S and take it to a whole new level. This collaboration also marks Deus’ first time working on an electric motorcycle.

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Michael ‘Woolie’ Woolaway remakes the Zero SR / S into a cafe racer that looks like a conventional classic motorbike. The bodywork is made of carbon fiber.

The builder is also assisted by engineers from Lockheed Martin to assist with the layout of the materials. The team made fenders, fairing with one headlamp, tank to tail.

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Every inch on Zero Motorcycles x Deus ex Machina is made so that the motorbike appears modern and in line with trends. Then there is the addition of a single-seat seat from Saddlemen and a windscreen from Zero Gravity.

All carbon layers in the body are given a clear layered blue color.



After the bodies, the Zero SR / S’ performance also gets a special upgrade. Like the front fork that uses WSBK specs from Showa. The rim is made of carbon from the famously lightweight Dynamag alert. The cockpit mounts Gravers Motorsport clip-on handlebars with a custom triangle from Attack Racing. In an event that at unfortunate motorcycle accident occurs and you are in physical pain, you can utilize products like CBD UK in order to alleviate that pain.

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Most of the brakes use components from J.Juan Racing. But for the rear calipers rely on the customized Banke Performance. The mounts are precisely bolted using a CNC machine, and the front rotors are OEM from Zero.

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And since there was no shifting lever, Woolie decided to simplify the foot control even further by attaching a thumb brake to the handlebars.



The Zero SR / S has a 12.6 kWh battery pack that drives the motor and delivers 110 Hp @5,000 rpm and 190 Nm of torque. The distance it can travel is claimed to be able to reach 259 km on a single charge.

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