Dji Fpv 4
DJI has a fascinating new drone called DJI FPV. It's designed to provide an experience that's different from the normal drone. The central premise of the first-person view to present a more immersive experience.
TicWatch Express 2
Everything you want about a smartwatch can be found in TicWatch Express. It has a lot of features including Google fit, music on the move, powered by Wear OS by Google, Google Assistant, IP67 water resistance, built-in GPS, Messenger, SHAZAM, and also heart-rate monitor.
Powerbeats Pro 4
Totally wireless high-performance earphones can be found in Powerbeats Pro. These earphones offer up to 9 hours of listening time with sweat and water-resistant design and adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks. As high-performance workout earphones, Powerbeats Pro is built to revolutionize any workouts. These earphones are available in four colors: ivory, black, navy, and moss.
Razer Naga Pro 2
Razer has just released the Razer Naga Pro wireless gaming mouse that proves its compatibility for various games with a few buttons on the side.
Sony Reon Pocket 6
Sony has just launched a new product in the market which is likely to be very useful among young consumers. It’s called Sony Reon Pocket, which is an Air Conditioner (AC) that can be installed on the body.
Fēnix® 6 9
With a combination of fitness and outdoor watches, this multisport GPS watch offers cutting-edge design and performance for a fast-paced lifestyle. Garmin Fēnix® 6 has Pulse Ox² sensors and wrist-based heart rate for fitness activities. It is also designed with technology to measure cycling and running performance.
NextMind 1
Meet NextMind, the world's first brain-sensing wearable for real-time device control. It offers a natural, real-time and gesture-free interaction across multiple platforms including VR, AR, mobile, and desktop. The small and wearable design can deliver comfort and discretion, built to be ‘wear and play’ without any training required.
Thermbot 1
Temperature measurement in everyday life is becoming commonplace, but carrying a bulky thermometer can be a hassle, and the battery can run out when you want to use it. But worry not because ThermBot is ready to take over the task.
Asus Rog Phone 5 2
ROG Phone 5 was officially released to the public some time ago, and with a series of specifications it brought, ROG Phone 5 feels very worthy of being called the best gaming smartphone today.
HP offers the world's first dual-screen gaming laptop called OMEN X 2S. This gaming laptop has a revolutionary dual-screen design with an industry-first 6” 1080p touchscreen mounted above the laptop keyboard. Gamers can have a maximum experience with a 20mm2 thin metal chassis and only 5.18lb light from OMEN X 2S. The NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2080 graphics with Max-Q design can give gamers the most demanding titles at high framerates.