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  • 2022 Kia Carnival

    2022 Kia Carnival

    After a long wait, Kia Motors has finally revealed the price of the new Carnival 2022, which is known for its wide cabin, luxurious interior, and unique design.

  • Kia EV6

    Kia EV6

    Kia Motor Corporation is increasingly confident in their electric car technology innovation and officially introduced the EV6 some time ago.

  • Daon TNT Ravy

    Daon TNT Ravy

    If you are running away from the various difficulties of setting up a tent or if owning a caravan is too expensive for you, there are brand new alternatives now. The new vehicle is called Ravy.

  • Kia Sorento X-Line Concept

    Kia Sorento X-Line Concept

    Kia launched two new concepts for the Sorento X-Line, namely an aggressive car to answer adventurers’ needs in the harsh wilderness or desert.