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  • Cowboy Electric Bike

    Cowboy Electric Bike

    Recently, the Cowboy brand released a new urban electric bike from their electric bicycle lineup called the Cowboy 4 Electric Bike.

  • Juiced CityScrambler Electric Bike

    Juiced CityScrambler Electric Bike

    With a combination of throwback looks and the best of modern technology, CityScrambler comes as the best electric bike in its class. It is built on a class-leading 52 Volt battery platform and also a custom 750w Bafang motor capable of speeds up to 28Mph…

  • Brompton Electric Folding Bike

    Brompton Electric Folding Bike

    Brompton is a bicycle brand that is on the rise. Recently, the bikemaker is jumping into the trend wagon by producing electric bikes dubbed Brompton Electric Folding Bike.

  • ENVO Electric SnowBike Kit

    ENVO Electric SnowBike Kit

    There are a lot of accessories and kits for transforming traditional bikes into electric bikes before. Some of them only need to change the wheel, while others require more extensive conversions. But it is rare to see a kit that can turn a normal bike…

  • RadRunner Electric Utility Bike

    RadRunner Electric Utility Bike

    This sleek, fun, and functional e-bike which is totally rad, part cargo bike, and part moped. RadRunner Electric Utility Bike is designed to be customized with a total of 330 accessory combinations. It is also the very first e-bike or scooter to have an adjustable…

  • Harley Davidson Electric Balance Bikes

    Harley Davidson Electric Balance Bikes

    From Harley Davidson, Electric Balance Bikes come in two models with one shared passion. The first electric-powered balance bikes for the kids and their parent who want to share fun time riding. There are two available models, IRONE12™ for 3-5 years old riders and IRONE16™…

  • Riders Gonna Ride® Bike Box CDF Steck Pro

    Riders Gonna Ride® Bike Box CDF Steck Pro

    Riders Gonna Ride®, a brand specialized in mountain biking rides and furniture has recently launched flexible storage solutions for bikes called Bike Box CDF Steck Pro.

  • CSC Monterey Electric Scooter

    CSC Monterey Electric Scooter

    Having a unique and classic design, CSC Monterey is trying hard to become the Super Cub of the future. The CSC Monterey, as many may have seen, is not an electric Honda Super Cub, but it is sure to be one of the most eye-catching…

  • Jeep® e-Bike

    Jeep® e-Bike

    Available in June, 2020 and powered by QuietKat, this new e-bike comes with stylish design and awesome everything needed in an e-bike. Jeep® e-Bike is the most capable off-road electric mountain bike ever. On a single charge, this e-bike can reach up to 40 miles.

  • Tempus Electric The Titan R (1000W)

    Tempus Electric The Titan R (1000W)

    Tempus Electric The Titan R (1000W) is perfect for everything, including going to work, going for a cruise, exploring the city, or an off-road adventure. It is a retro electric bike that modeled after a vintage motorcycle and built with aircraft-grade steel. This electric bike…

  • Avial e-Bike

    Avial e-Bike

    Built like an Aeroplane, Avial e-Bike is a different e-bike from others. It has a rear motor and mid-drive 250W with a patented frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This e-bike also has time-tested Shimano components with Gearsensor as a sensor in the transmission, providing smooth…

  • Calamus One – Ultrabike

    Calamus One – Ultrabike

    It is the world’s safest and most advanced Electric Bike from Ultrabike with GPS, biometric scanner, and Blindspot assist. Calamus One creates a new class of e-bike with a number of smart features. The frames of this e-bike are custom-casted uni-bodies with 100% internal cabling,…